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Blu-ray Decrypter

The freeware helps you easily decrypt blu-ray discs and copy them to the hard drive.
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Blu-ray Decrypter is designed to remove copy protection from Blu-rays(AACS). It can help you copy your blu-ray movies to hard drive without losing quality.
It keeps Blu-ray folder structure, original 1080p video, original menu and original audio/subtitle tracks. It didn’t use lossy compression. It is completely FREE and easy-to-use. Download Blu-ray Decrypter
2012-04-19 Get a new host-cert key for blu ray and update to 2.1.00. The Blu-ray Decrypter freeware can decrypt Blu-ray disc with MKB version up to V29 now. If you have any question please feel free to contact us

Blu-ray Decrypter Details:

File Size909
LicenseFreeware(no feature or time limitations, no hidden costs)
Version1.0.00(2012 04.19 Update)
Note: defeating copy protection is generally considered to be unlawful, but as long as your intentions are for PERSONAL USE as a "backup" and you do NOT redistribute copies, you have nothing to worry about.