Convert Blu-ray to AVI

Blu-ray Movies have High Quality videos, but you're only allowed to play Blu-ray discs, can't copy them to PC (because blu-rays are copy protected). On this webpage you will find the best way to convert Blu-ray to avi files and then you can play the avi files using your favorite player on your PC.

Method 1: Blu-ray Ripper (Recommend)

Blu-ray Ripper can process protected Blu-Ray. It can transfer video on Blu-ray to different formats including avi, mp4, mp3, aac, and etc.
No computer skills necessary, just click one button, you can convert blu-ray to avi.
Here is a tutorial - How to convert blu ray to avi using Blu-ray Ripper.

Method 2: Free Video Converter

In this method you will need some computer skills and a big hard drive.

Step 1. Decrypt and copy Blu ray to hard drive
Blu-ray decrypter can help you copy the protected Blu-Ray to your hard drive. But Most bluray movies are 25GB - 50GB, so you need a big hard drive to store the copied video.
A step-by-step tutorial to decrypt and copy your blu-ray movies.


Step 2. Trim unneeded streams (audio or subtitle) in m2ts files using TsRemux.

Step 3. Convert m2ts file to avi using Free Video Converter.

I'm finding more method

You can suggest me is there any other method to convert blu-ray to avi or any other questions, please contact me