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A tutorial to copy protected dvd

Caused by the copy protection on dvd, we cannt copy movies directly from dvd discs. The Free DVD Decrypter can help you decrypt and copy a movie on a dvd which is copy protected.

dvd decrypter screenshot

This brief tutorial shows you step-by-step instructions for how to copy a dvd with copy protection to your computer. First: Download and Install DVD Decrypter.

insert dvd disc

Step 1: Insert a dvd movie disc (which you want to copy) into your DVD drive.

choose dvd drive

Step 2: Select DVD Drive (Optional Option, you can click "Start Copy" directly, after the disc is inserted).

choose location

Step 3: Choose location to save dvd video. The copied dvd video will be saved on the drive you slected.

E.g., if you select the drive C, the freeware will save the dvd to "C:\Free DVD Copy_20120511\DVD_154758" (20120511 154758 is system's date/time).

start copying dvd

Step 4: Click "Start Copy" button to begin copying.

Make a copy - burn the DVD folder to disc

After copy is finished, you will get a DVD Folder (VIDEO_TS) on the drive which you choose in Step 3. Now you can use VLC Player to play the VIDEO_TS.IFO file. Or you can burn the DVD Folder to a blank dvd disc to make a copy of the DVD. Or make a iso file from the folder.