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Burn DVD Video (VIDEO_TS folder) to a disc.

This brief tutorial shows you how to burn your favorite movies to dvd discs. The burned discs can be played with a standard DVD player.

Download and Install a free burning software. Downlaod

Step 1: Insert a writable DVD into the drive.

insert dvd disc

Step 2: Open the free burning application. Click the Browse button to Choose a VIDEO_TS folder located on your hard drive.

insert dvd disc

Step 3: Input a label name (also called volume label and disc name).

insert dvd disc

Step 4: Choose a DVD Writer.

insert dvd disc

Step 5: Click the start button.

insert dvd disc

Get a VIDEO_TS folder.

1) Free DVD Decrypter - decrypt and copy a dvd with protection to your hard drive. You can get a cpoied VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive.
2) Convert Blu-ray to dvd video format. In this way, you can create a VIDEO_TS folder from Blu-ray moive.
3) You also can use the free video converter to convert AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV etc. to VOB file, and then use a dvd author tool to create a VIDEO_TS folder from the video.